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news item staggs announcement

HW Welcomes Bill Staggs to Little Rock Office

Hawkins-Weir Engineers is pleased to announce that Bill Staggs, P.E., C.F.M.®, joined our staff in the Little Rock office in July 2015. Bill brings a broad range of experience in municipal water and wastewater utility planning, design, and project management to the firm. He has been involved in long-range planning for infrastructure improvements and has expertise in hydraulic analysis for water distribution, wastewater collection, and stormwater.  He also has extensive experience in pavement evaluation and research as a pavement management engineer in both the public and private sectors.

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news item benzing award

Aaron Benzing Receives WEF Bedell Award

Aaron Benzing, P.E., was awarded the prestigious Bedell Award at this year's AWW&WEA Conference in Hot Springs. The Bedell Award acknowledges extraordinary personal service to a WEF Member Association. Aaron is currently serving as the president of the Arkansas Water Environment Association (AWEA). He is a principal of the firm and manages our Little Rock Office.

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news item cb presentationt2

Cary Beth Lipscomb Presents at AWW&WEA Conference

Cary Beth Lipscomb, E.I., of Hawkins-Weir's Little Rock office, delivered her presentation entitled "Post Graduation Stress Disorder (PGSD)" at the 2015 AWW&WEA Conference in Hot Springs, AR.  The presentation focused on life in the real world after graduation and Cary Beth's personal journey:

"As the saying goes, “The real education starts after graduation.” Graduation: one word that brings the most thrilling emotions to an engineering student before the stressful reality sets in. What is my next move? Where will I work and what will I do? I like to call it “Post-Graduation Stress Disorder.” Being a young engineer stepping into a sea of seasoned professionals can be extremely intimidating. Discussion topics on the transition from school to work include adjusting to a non-academic role in a new city, new job expectations and experiences, and adjusting to life as a grown-up in the real world."

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news item oswald announcement

Oswald Engineering Joins HW's Little Rock Office

We are pleased to announce that Oswald Engineering, Inc. has joined forces with Hawkins-Weir Engineers, Inc., thus improving the services we offer to our clients statewide.  Oswald Engineering has enjoyed a long-standing reputation for dependability when it comes to taking care of clients.  A great deal of the company's success was built on the professional relationships and friendships that Fred has developed over the past 40 years.  HW and Oswald Engineering have worked together on multiple projects since 2010 when HW's Little Rock office was founded.  Our firms share the same core values including an emphasis on client service.  We are proud that Fred Oswald is joining with HW to continue the legacy of his namesake firm.

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slidenews item associates announcement

Hawkins-Weir Engineers Announces New Associates

The Partners at Hawkins-Weir Engineers, Inc. are delighted to announce the promotions of both A.J. Kaufman, P.E. (left) and Josh Durham, P.E. (right) to the position of Associate.  Mr. Kaufman is a University of Arkansas graduate with a B.S. in Biological Engineering and joined the firm's Little Rock office in 2013.  Mr. Durham also graduated from the University of Arkansas and has an M.S. in Civil Engineering.  Durham joined the firm's Van Buren office after his graduation in 2009.